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How to Get an Edge on Presidential Promises

Every President in history has impacted stocks.

The key to being in those very stocks lies in policy announcements.  All we have to do is pay close attention and buy as the policy news begins to hit the press.

Going back to Barack Obama, we can see how it works.

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How The Super-Rich Avoid Estate Taxes

The Unites States federal tax code: 74,608 pages of wealth-robbing nonsense designed to support a bloated, over-reaching federal government and disperse American wealth according to the whims of corrupt politicians. Created in 1913, the original document contained only 400 pages. It is now 187 times longer than it was a century ago. This growth has transformed it from a simple document into an all-encompassing political agenda.

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What You Need To Know About The Cloud, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Can a virtual digital currency be considered as an alternative investment? Bitcoin can most definitely be considered in that light. It is global, easily accessible, and it has maintained its value and gained value for...

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