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Solar Stocks: The Technical Picture Many Traders Missed

Never ignore the downtrodden, we noted back in late March 2017.

At the time, we were talking about solar stocks, many of which had been left for dead, ignored at historic lows.  Many became ridiculously oversold on a perfect storm of lower gas prices, concerns the government would phase out subsidies, as well as crushing amounts of debt.

While the fundamentals told a story of despair, technical analysis painted a completely different story, highlighting just how oversold related stocks became.

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The Best ETFs to Hold Long-Term

Exchange-traded funds have always been popular.

In fact, throughout 2016, according to The Financial Times, global inflows averaged more than $12,000 every second thanks to tax and cost advantages, as well as the ability to safely diversity at less cost.

Let’s say I wanted to buy 10 shares of Alphabet (GOOG)Facebook (FB) (AMZN) and Netflix (NFLX).  Right now, it’d cost me $22,210. 

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An Update on Solar Stocks

Everyone has advice to give. But not everyone has advice worth listening to.

For years, I was often told to, “Never buy a stock hitting a 52-week low.”

Or, stocks in downtrends tend to stay in downtrends.

Or even that kind of trading is far too risky. It’s not safe.

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