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Controversial Profits: A $50 Billion Opportunity

We’ve heard it all before. 

“You’re crazy buying marijuana stocks here.”

But as we would explain, the opportunity was far too good to miss, seeing that...

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Do Not Let Expensive Stocks Destroy Investment Opportunities

Like most traders, one of your goals has been to enjoy financial freedom.

So it really stands to reason that your money should ideally generate above market returns with below market risk. In fact, one way to do that is to...

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What Does $20 Trillion In US Federal Debt Mean To You?

"Doomed, doomed , I say, we are all doomed." How many times have you heard that phrase in a horror movie? It seems wherever you turn your head, warnings of doom and gloom are bombarding you. And the worst part about this is, that when it comes to the financial world and the security of the U S dollar and other dominate global currencies, you actually need to heed these warnings.

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